• Katrina C.
    If I didn’t already love my job and company, reading “Engineer You Success After College” would have inspired me to get moving on finding a new one. A couple of times, I was thinking “YEAH! I could totally go get a new job!” 🙂


  • Chantelle T.
    Your information was amazing and I could tell that you really cared about helping us learn and succeed in our lives.


  • Jane D.
    I have worked as a school counselor for years and was always looking for information that I could use with my students to help them make the most of their future. My rural communities didn’t allow us the most up-to-date information or access to information, and I can see where this book and its approach to a students planning for their future could be a most valuable tool in their planning process. It is written in an easy to read manner that will encourage students and parents alike to search through it’s chapters to find the important guidance they are seeking.


  • Barbara W.
    I never read anything but the Bible, but after hearing you speak, I told my wife that I must have your book “Engineer Your Success In Life.”


  • Jeremy F.
    Whether you are College bound, in college now or have kids approaching that age, do yourself a favor and take some of the guess work out of it. Gregory Serrien’s book “Engineer Your College Success”, amounts to a proven blueprint. It’s easy to follow and Greg shares several tips and tricks that have helped him become the success he is today. I can only wish they had a guideline like this during my college years..


  • Russel Family
    It was such an honor meeting you a week ago today! Our family was deeply impacted by your presentation, and we are still referring to the charts that you drew. We currently have the charts on our wall, and they are a great reminder of things we need to do to move our family/business to the next level.


  • Rev William H.
    It was a joy to have met you and I was blessed by your presentation.


  • Myron G.
    Gregory is one of the finest speakers and authors I have ever worked with. I know a lot of authors, including myself, and the fact that he authored and published 3 books in 90 days is unheard of and a very impressive feat to say the least. He really helps audiences understand why they should and how they can succeed in their lives.


  • Tina C
    I want to thank you for taking time to come and share with us. That weekend was truly life changing for me. I am so excited as I know my life is about to change in a major way. I have already changed the way I think about things and have already acted on some of the things I learned from this past weekend. It will take time but I won’t allow it to take a lot of time.


  • Sheila R
    It was great meeting you at the conference. I got so many nuggets of information. Wow!