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1)  Books 

Engineer Your College Success; How To Make The Most Out Of Your College Years

This book prepares any high school or early college student and their family for great success in college.  If you want to ensure you choose a major that will help you Gain Employment after graduation, this is a Must Read..

College Success


Engineer Your Success After College; How To Land A High-Paying Dream Job In Corporate America

Okay, so you are in college, but what do you need to know to ensure you are going to help companies want to fight to hire you?  This book lays out the roadmap you Must have to Ensure you land that High-Paying Dream Job upon graduation!!

Dream Job


Engineer Your Success In Life; How To Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to SUCCEED at their job, career, and family life while you are left at the starting line?  This book provides a plethora of ways you can take your entire life from Ordinary To Extraordinary and start living the life you were destined to live!!

Ordinary To Extraordinary


2)  Seminars & Workshops: 

(College & Career Prep/Planning, Business Improvement/Startup, Stock Market Investing)

– Engineer Your Success Live

This Life Changing 2-Day Experience takes you through awesome original ideas and content that will challenge and support you along your journey of SUCCESS. Whether you are preparing for or need help to improve in college, a career, want to bolster a current or need help to start a business, or are looking to propel your personal life, this is the place to be.  Your life will never be the same again as you learn how you can and must Engineer Your Success in life and business and how to go from Ordinary To Extraordinary!!



3)  Speaking

– College Speaking

Gregory is a sought-after speaker at universities, community colleges, and technical schools across the nation where he motivates and inspires students to Take Action Now and SUCCEED in life during and after college. 

He is available for multiple types of events such as but not limited to: Keynote, Orientation, Commencement, Workshops, Career Programs, Leadership Programs, Training Events, and Greek Sponsored Events where he talks on relevant topics. 

A brief sample of the available talks are:

Your Major Is Major

How To Get Great Companies To Fight For You

Land Your Dream Job Now

Ace Your Interview

Legal Trouble Today = Failure Tomorrow

College Jobs And Internships Are Key

Go Forth And Succeed

Your Network = Your Net Worth


– Service Clubs, Schools, Churches, Youth Groups, etc

Gregory enjoys giving back via speaking and teaching at many events where he shares messages about business, college, investing, and life in order to help others awaken to the possibilities available to them in their life.  He firmly believes that if he can make it starting as a farm boy from a small town in KS, then anyone can make it if they only believe in themselves and have a helping hand-up along the way.


4)  Consulting: 

(Business, Organizational, Efficiency, Marketing, etc.)

– Do you have an organization and/or business that you want to grow or that could use some optimizing?

– Are you getting leads and attracting customers but not converting or keeping them?

– Have you had employee moral or retention problems?

  – If You Said Yes To Any Of These, Gregory Serrien Can Help You Now!!! – 

Gregory will work with you to optimize your organization in order to skyrocket customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals as well as employee performance and satisfaction.  Advertising, marketing, and sales are extremely important…. 

But, if you are not setup to deliver results to those new and return customers, you will fail.  Contact Gregory today to bring about real change in your business that will help you gain the success you have always desired.


Contact Gregory Serrien via the “Contact” page for additional information and help.