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Gregory Serrien “The Success Engineer” is a dynamic Author, Speaker and Business Consultant.  He has a very unique way of taking complicated topics and breaking them into easily understandable bite-sized nuggets that will help you learn to “Engineer Your Success.”

Whether you are seeking knowledge to ensure success during college, in finding your dream job, with your family, your own business, or investing in the US stock markets, Gregory has the expertise and talents necessary to help you move from “Ordinary To Extraordinary” in every part of your life.

Gregory has 20+ years of experience in corporate America leading fast-paced engineering teams to successful outcomes in extremely challenging environments across 14 time zones around the globe.  He excels as a business leader and consultant to Fortune 100 level companies and the largest Department of Defense contractors in the world. 

Gregory has also founded and ran several successful private businesses and has been in business his entire life as part of a successful generational business family.  He is a sought-after seminar speaker and author who spreads his messages and techniques for how you can and must “Engineer Your Success” in business, investing, and life.

Let him guide your business and life to the next level. Gregory has a passion for coaching and teaching his systems in order to propel your education, career, business, investments, and family life to the highest levels of success. He is now ready to teach you how to duplicate his success.